50% OFF!
[EN] Enjoy 50% discount on VIP and Nobles to boost your characters!

[ES] Disfruten el 50% de descuento en VIP y Noblesa para potenciar sus personajes!

[EN] Be the winner of PvP zone and WIN a 1 Hour temporary hero! Use the PvP Scroll of your inventory! PvP zones are random!

[ES] Domina en la Zona PvP y GANA Hero temporal de 1 hora! Utiliza el Scroll PvP de tu inventario! Las zonas PvP son aleatorias!

!!!SERVER OPEN!!!. Visit the Link for more information!

[EN] Welcome, we bring you a server from the hand of ArgenCom games, we've created a medium rates server, without donations for armor, weapons, jewelry, enchants or element. We have a single currency called Total Coin which you can get them in events, farm, raidboss, pvp or donation (Any user can use the donation section without donating money). We have the best connection stability and a ticket support to assist users.Enjoy!

[ES] Bienvenidos, les traemos un servidor de la mano de ArgenCom games, realizamos un servidor de rates medios, sin donaciones por armaduras, armas, joyerias, enchants ni elemento. Tenemos una unica moneda llamada Total Coin la cual la obtienen por eventos, farm, raidboss, pvp o donacion (Cualquier user puede utilizar la seccion donacion sin donar dinero). Contamos con la mejor estabilidad de coneccion y un soporte de tickets para atender a los usuarios.Disfruten!

Launcher avaible
Download the launcher to enter the server and receive updates automatically.

Remember to run the launcher as an Administrator every time.

If you have problems with the launcher simply download the system here.
.dressme avaible
The .dressme system was implemented.

New skins will be added every month!. You can get them with the .dressme command, remember to have Total Coins

Vote for Total War

Vote our server on HopZone.Net L2Network Top L2JBrasil  de Servidores de   Lineage2

When you make a donation, use the .donate command to claim your reward!

The GrandBoss drop Jewells - S-84 Items and Total Coin!

Remember to claim your reward when voting .getreward every 12 Hours!
Admin developer. Support English and Spanish.

Admin. Support English and Spanish.

GameMaster. Soporte Español.
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